Resize Photo Steps To Keep Quality Lossless

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Steps Showing How To Use Resize Photo Tool

1. Access the website through your phone or PC.

2. Click on Browse button to upload pictures from your phone as well as computers, there are no limitations for the image size and the image format. Resize Photo all types of image formats like JPG, PNG, Gif and more, changes the size of image very smoothly.

3. Below the Browse button, there is an option Enter New Width in which user can enter desired Width of the image as per their requirements, it automatically adjusts the height of the image. If the user does not want any change in width and height of the image, he can skip this option. The Resize Photo tool has set Changing image width as optional.

4. Next step is to Select New Image Size option, a dropdown box will appear in which user can set default size for the image provided by the website. If sizes written in the list does not meet the user requirements, there is an Other Size option through which user can reduce image size in kilobytes and Megabytes.

5. Below the New Image Size Column at Resize Photo platform, there is an option Convert To. Users can select desired format for the image. Suppose if a user has a PNG file and he wants to convert it to JPG, he can select the JPG option from the dropdown list. Same in the case with other formats like Gif, BMP, PSD, ICO etc

6. Last step is to click on the Convert button placed on the down right corner of the Resize Photo panel. After clicking on the Convert button, it addresses user to the download page and an image will automatically start to download. In case if the page does not redirect the image, there is an Button of Click Here To Download File by clicking on the button, photo will easily get saved in the selected location.