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Procedure For Using Image Size Changer

As compared to the other Image Size portal, the Image Size Changer feature provided by the is the most reliable and the latest innovative tool that is providing the accurate results in regard of change in image size. It is the very convenient and the easy accessible online tool that is rendering the customer oriented services. For resizing a image you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

1. First you have to click on the Browse button and select the desired image whom you want to change the dimensions or format. It displays the contents of the image with its original characteristics such as Width, Size, Format and many more that you want to change.

2. After selecting the image then you can change the width of it by simply clicking on the Enter New Image Width option and enter the required parameters of image in the interface provided. If you doesn't want to change the width of the image then you can leave the domain blank and move ahead.

3. The Image Size Changer provided by lets us you to reduce image size in terms of KB'S and MB's by simply clicking on the Dropdown button of Select New Image Size. You can enter the size of image as per your requirements from the Dropdown list. If you don't find the required size from the Dropdown list then you can choose the Other Size option and the enter the size of image that you want to resize.

4. The Image Size Changer also enables you to change the format of the image by clicking on Dropdown button, that displays formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF and many more. Here you can change the format of image from JPG to PNG, PNG to GIF, GIF to JPG, etc.

5. After completing all the above formalities you have click on the Convert button that is present beneath the bottom of panel that displays the Download File Here button. After click on Download button the image will be automatically downloaded that you can save at your desired location.