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Instructions To Use Image Resizer Windows

Though Image Resizer Windows grants you to change the size of your image but also allows you to make the great inventive appearances to your pictures with modern touch. Image Resizer Windows lets you to convert your original breadth of your image in pixels to new and enlarged pixels. Image Resizer Windows makes your pictures reducer than its original size, make convert to other formats. Following are the instructions that will assist you throughout the whole process to make changes to your pictures by using Image Resizer Windows.

1. Go to the homepage of website, there is a panel where all the required editing options are displayed that you will need all along the editing process.

2. The first panel that you will need to click on the Browse button, that makes you able to select the picture that you wish to be transformed into a new and intensified manner.

3. After choosing the image for editing all the necessary details of your selected image will be displayed in a box. Tally the image details keenly and then proceed to edit options.

4. To change the dimensions of your selected image such as width which is in Pixels, you have make a click on Enter New Image Width option where you can input the width of an image as per your requirement.

5. The next panel is Select New Image Size option that lets you to reduce image size, from the drop down list of sizes which varies from 200 to 1000 KB's and 1 to 10 MB's. If case their is not available your desired size then you have to make a click on another option present in the Dropdown list which is Other Size that enables you to input the new image size in terms of KB's and MB's.

6. To alter the format of your selected image you have click on Convert To option that grants you to select format from the Dropdown Menu that ranges from PNG to JPG, GIF, PSD, etc.

7. Now you have to make a click on Convert button that makes your image editing process complete and you will now be directed to the download page of your new image, where there is a button of Click To Download File Here button, make a click on that button and your image will be downloaded shortly.