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Instructions To Use Image Resizer Software

Image Resizer Software is broadly used for the image altering, converting and resizing the image. Image Resizer Software is a set of image altering programs powered by which assists you throughout the entire process of image altering. Image Resizer Software is very much concerned with the perfection for the image altering processes. Image Resizer Software delivers the altered image in great quality and in magnificent dimensions. Following are the steps that will guide you through the entire process of altering images:

1. Click on the Browse button that is present on the panel on the interface of to select the image file that you want to get under the alteration process.

2. After selecting the image for alteration by uploading the image, if you want to change the width of your selected image then you have to click on Enter New Image Width field and have to input the new desired image width.

3. In case you need to reduce image size there is a Select New Image Size dropdown list which lets you to select the image size from that dropdown list and, if there is no such size option which you are looking for then you have to make a click on Other Size option and have to enter desired image size.

4. There is a Convert To option that grants you to convert the format of your image to other different image formats. It is a drop down list from which you have to choose the format for your image.

5. On the bottom corner of panel there is a Convert button which lets you to make your altered picture available to download. By clicking on the Convert button you will be steered to the download page of new image. On the download page there is Download File Here button, where you have to make a click on the that button to start downloading and gets image stored on your computer, if the downloading doesn't start automatically click on Click here to Download File button once more, and your image file will be downloaded shortly.