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Instructions To Use Image Resizer Mac

Image Resizer Mac amends certain features of your images with great accuracy and distinctness. The main intention of Image Resizer Mac is to make your image alteration related needs successful with exceptional appearances. It mends your image in a favorable way as you want them to be like, the whole process of altering your images is very much easier as it comes with the handy interface which allows you to access the Image Resizer Mac. Following are the steps how to get started with the Image Resizer Mac and to make you experience brand new features in picture editing,

1. Visit, there is a panel displaying all the recommended alterations that you would need to enhance your picture quality.

2. On the panel the first tab is Browse button that makes you to look for the image from your computer system that you want to get enhanced, after you select the image all the details about your selected picture will be displayed in a box on the right top corner of the panel.

3. If you need to change extensions of your picture, you have to click on a Enter New Image Width where you can input new desired width for your image.

4. Next panel that you would see is Select New Image Size this panel will assists reduce image size, varying from 200KB's to 1000KB's and 1MB's to 10MB's.

5. If the drop down list does not suit your required size then their is another option in the drop down menu that is Other Size that makes you to enter your new desired image size as per as your requirements.

6.Convert To button that allows you to transform the format of your selected image to a new format whether it is PNG to JPG, PNG to GIF, JPG to BMP or Vice versa.

7. After all this work done by you, your New image that you have modified is ready to be downloaded, make a click on a Convert button that is placed on the right bottom corner of the working panel. After clicking on the button you will be steered to download page where you can download your enhanced new image by clicking on Download File Here button.