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Guidelines To Use Image Resizer Download

Image Resizer Download is developed to accomplish all your image altering needs in terms of changing resolution, converting format and altering the image size as in pixels. Image Resizer Download web portal lets you to experience the great and innovative methods of altering an image into various aspects. Image Resizer Download lets you to transform the format of your image into other different formats. Image Resizer Download does the image altering tasks very well along with the inventive modifications. Following are the guidelines on how to use the Image Resizer Download:

1. Clicking Browse button makes you to look for the image which you expect to get modified and will be uploaded swiftly. After the image had uploaded, all the image details will be displayed in a box beneath the Browse panel.

2. In case you want to change the width of selected image you have to click on Enter New Image Width option and have to enter the required width for your selected image.

3. If you wish to reduce image size, make a click on Select New Image Size option and choose from the drop down menu which consists various image size, if your required size is not available in the list, you have to click on Other Size option which is available in that list and have to input the new image size.

4. To convert the format of your selected image make a click on Convert To, by clicking on that option a drop down list will appear with many image Formats, make a click on the particular format that you would like to convert to image into.

5. Now make a click on Convert button which makes your new image downloadable, by clicking on Convert button you will be steered to download page. Make a click on Download File Here button and you new altered image will be downloaded. If download does not start automatically, click on the Click Here To Download File button once more.