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Important steps to use image dimension on Facebook

Image dimensions For Facebook is the online platform that allows you to set the dimensions as well as the size of the file on Facebook as per your specifications, in comparison to uploading the image or file on Facebook directly, that requires 160x160 pixels and 25MB for uploading images and files. You can follow the steps given below:

1. Initially, you have to select the image on your storage, then click Browse button. After clicking on the Browse button, a list of images will be displayed.

2. After you select the image, another step is to Enter New Image Width option that is available at the innovative interface of Image dimensions For Facebook and set the desired width. The height of the image will be adjusted by default, after setting the width.

3. The third step is to set the size of the image in the Select New Image Size list and click the dropdown button available in the list that displays all the possible sizes of the image that ranges from 200KB to 1000KB's and 1MB's to 10MB, among which you can select the desired inputs to reduce image size.

4. The next step that offers to change one format, to convert file in another format click on Convert To option present at the interface of Image dimensions For Facebook, that displays all the formats on the online tool of Image dimensions For Facebook.

5. After the conclusion of all the above steps with ease, you have to click on the Convert button displayed at the bottom of the Image dimensions For Facebook tool, that will take you to the download page, where you click on the Download File Here button. In case the image will not be downloaded in the first attempt, click on the Click Here To Download File once more.