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Functionality of Image Area Calculator Online

Image Area Calculator Online is a tool that is offered by for editing and managing images. This tool is very easy to use and can give you best and better results. To understand the working of this tool have a look on these steps mentioned below:

In the 1st step you have to click on the Browse button and get your image uploaded from the back end to the front end along with all current details of that image like Format, Height, Width, etc., for editing.

2. In next step you can start with altering the width of your image by mentioning the new width in the first field of the interface. Once you enter the width, the back end calculator of Image Area Calculator Online calculates the appropriate height for your image.

3. You can also reduce image size by selecting the information in the second field. You can even maximize the image but that will result in effecting the resolution and quality of the image.

4. You can also change the format of your image simply by clicking on the Convert To option present at the panel of Image Area Calculator Online and specifying the new extension for your image. Once you have completed filling all the information, click on the Convert Button to start your image processing.

5. The image after processing will get ready and you can download that simply by clicking Download Here and your new and altered image will get downloaded.