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How To Use Alter Image Size

Alter Image Size offered by the is a user friendly tool that is very easy to use as compared to other online and offline image altering equipments. Alter Image Size is hassle free and expedient to use and gives excellent quality results within no time. Alter Image Size does not possess any kind of complications instead its interface guides the user in a reliable and friendly manner. This tool is specially designed for the users who does not have much knowledge about image editing. The Alter Image Size provides you results by following certain easy and hassle free steps that includes of:

1. The Alter Image Size tool is convenient to use, in order to alter your any image of any format, you have to visit the main page of an online portal, then click on the Browse button to upload any image that you want to alter. You can upload any image without any confines. After uploading the image, a text box will appear bordering the Browse button that will show you the exact properties of your uploaded image.

2. After uploading your image you can select the width of the image in Enter New Image Width, the Height of the image will be set automatically by Alter Image Size, if you don't have its requirement then leave the preference.

3. In the next field of Select New Image Size, you can choose the required size of the uploaded image in the drop down option that is ranging from 200KBto 10 MB. If you don't have the requirement among the mentioned sizes, then click on the Other Size option and you can put your desired image size in the input field. This field is also optional, you can proceed to the next step of converting format of the image without changing the size of an image.

4. Moreover the Alter Image Size offers you to change the format of an image from least format to higher format. To convert the format of your uploaded picture select the required format in the Dropdown List of the Convert To option.

5. After finishing the process with required inputs, then click on the Convert button positioned below on the panel to get the results. After clicking on the Convert button you will be redirected to the download page of the
Alter Image Size. To start the download, click on the Download File Here button, your file will be downloaded automatically and in case file will not be downloaded automatically then click on the Click Here To Download File button displayed on the interface of Alter Image Size.