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Steps To Reduce Image Size With Quality

Step 1. Go to the Browse Option present on the main page of the domain and click on it to upload an image. Select an image that you want to resize from your specified location. All the original specifications of the inserted image will be displayed once the image will get uploaded on our domain, that includes of Image Format, File Size, Image Height and Image Width. All the parameters to reduce image size wont be effective, unless you feed in the desired coordinates.

Step 2. To alter the Width of an image, enter the required width in the Enter New Image Width option. If you need not to change the Width of an image you can skip this option and proceed to further steps pertaining to reduce image size.
Note:Height of an image will be automatically adjusted as per the width selected with the help of image height calculator.

Step 3. Once you have selected the New Width of an image, go to the Select New Image Size option and click on it to reduce image size in terms of KB's (Kilobytes) or MB's (Megabytes) from the dropdown list that is available on it.
Note: If you don't find your preferred size from the Drop down list, you can select the Other Size option from the Drop down list and a new panel will be displayed, where you will be facilitated to enter your desired size coordinates.

Step 4. After altering the size of an image, go to the Convert To Option and select the image format of your choice from the Drop down list. The formats available are JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, and ICO, etc. The portal, apart from allowing you to reduce image size, further allows you to perform other diverse image editing operations.

Step 5. After finishing the above four steps, you need to Click on the Convert Button that is present at the bottom of the panel. Afterwards a new option Download File Here will get displayed, where you have to click and you can download your new edited image at your preferred location.
Note: Often download starts automatically after you click on the Download File Here button, in case if it doesn't starts automatically then you have to click on the Click Here To Download File button.