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  (Optional) is a online domain that serves as an image resizer software for the convenience of users to minimize photo file size that too without losing quality. Users can create small image online on a single platform with much precision. The user interface of the domain is mesmerizing and interactive as well as gives you an unique experience of photo editing. A wide range of photo editing tasks can be performed by using the innovate portal that popularly includes of Image Resizing, Image resolution, and to change the Format of the images from one layout to another, performing all tasks pertaining to alter image size. All these jobs are done with a single click and the domain performing the task within minutes, hence serving as the best image resize tool. To edit an image in a precise manner users can switch to Image Area Calculator Online, a tool based to meet complex image editing needs. Image Dimension CSS and Image Resize Matlab are few among the various alternatives offered by the portal to address the complex needs of the user. The portal offers various image altering tool for social media purposes such as Image Size For Facebook and more. Image Resizer is an advanced image editor that does not need any specific expertise and can be operated just like an image resizer app by following the given steps. The tool can also be used as an image width and height editor to alter the images in a desired fashion. The tool can also be used to rescale JPG PNG and other images

Steps To Reduce Image Size

Step 1. Go to the Browse Option present on the main page of the domain and click on it to upload an image. Select an image that you want to resize from your specified location. All the original specifications of the inserted image will be displayed once the image will get uploaded on our domain, that includes of Image Format, File Size, Image Height and Image Width. All the parameters to reduce image size wont be effective, unless you feed in the desired coordinates.

Step 2. To alter the Width of an image, enter the required width in the Enter New Image Width option. If you need not to change the Width of an image you can skip this option and proceed to further steps pertaining to reduce image size.
Note:Height of an image will be automatically adjusted as per the width selected with the help of image height calculator.

Step 3. Once you have selected the New Width of an image, go to the Select New Image Size option and click on it to reduce image size in terms of KB's (Kilobytes) or MB's (Megabytes) from the dropdown list that is available on it.
Note: If you don't find your preferred size from the Drop down list, you can select the Other Size option from the Drop down list and a new panel will be displayed, where you will be facilitated to enter your desired size coordinates.

Step 4. After altering the size of an image, go to the Convert To Option and select the image format of your choice from the Drop down list. The formats available are JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, and ICO, etc. The portal, apart from allowing you to reduce image size, further allows you to perform other diverse image editing operations.

Step 5. After finishing the above four steps, you need to Click on the Convert Button that is present at the bottom of the panel. Afterwards a new option Download File Here will get displayed, where you have to click and you can download your new edited image at your preferred location.
Note: Often download starts automatically after you click on the Download File Here button, in case if it doesn't starts automatically then you have to click on the Click Here To Download File button.

Image Size Reducer

Image Resizer is a breathtaking feature that is powered by an innovative online portal, that presents an extraordinary Photo Editing alternative to reduce image size or other properties. Image Resizer offers you with an up to date image altering characteristics that you will hardly find on any other platforms. Image Resizer offers you with the facilities like changing the format of any image from one layout to another, apart from changing the format of images it offers you with other facilities like changing the dimensions of images and reduce image size. As far as the editing of the images is concerned with the tool of Image Resizer it is equipped with all the sizes that are needed in day to day operations and various demands like filling the college forms, employment applications, and various other necessary requirements, where you need to change the size of any image. While changing the size any image it maintains the original quality and doesn't change its earlier contrast and format. You will feel a different photo editing experience while you go through this creative platform. Image Resizer is an marvelous idea that is incorporated by the, that aims you with the proficient ways to reduce image size. Image Resizer is an online image altering equipment that facilitates the users to change the size of the images. The Image Resizer is working without any troubles and facilitates the user to alter the size of any image to its preferred range, without worrying the Format and Dimensions of an image. Image Resizer projects the amalgamation of inventive skills and hard work. The creativeness of the Image Resizer has been mechanized to provide the ease and comfort for its users. Image Resizer had been powered to alter the size of an image, apart from this works to make the dimensions of image as per the user requirements. To avail the benefits of Image Resizer, a user is supposed to have advanced technical knowledge, the Image Resizer has been made in accordance with the needs of a common user. The functionalities to reduce image size by using Image Resizer is easy and quick.

Image Reducer

To reduce image size with unique formats and dimensions, then the Image Reducer tool incorporated by the is the place you need to be at, as it reduces the size as well as maintains the previous texture of an Image. Through the ingenious online tool of Image Reducer you will be able to reduce image size of any layout like JPG, PNG, BMP, and many other formats. The large and extra large images can be Shrinked without having any effect on the picture quality. Pre-installed sizes are already made available on the Select New Image Size Drop down list, where you can select the required cordinate, and reduce image size to desired extent. In addition to reducing the size of an image Image Reducer offers you with other image analyzing features like to change the Width dimension and changing of the image Formats from one format to another. The interface of the Image Reducer is effortless and user friendly, as it reduces the size of images with an instant accuracy and precision. The main motive behind the idea of Image Reducer is to facilitate the users, with outstanding photo editing features that are hardly found on other platforms. The chief motive behind the Image Reducer is to sustain the image quality and to give a unique experience of image editing. The interface of the Image Reducer is quiet simple, creative, and easy to use. Image Reduces is used for many other purposes, apart from reducing the size of images. The dominant property of the Image Reducer is that it reduces the size of any image with different formats and sizes, without causing any effect on the picture quality. The tool of Image Reducer is used in number of tasks and day to day needs like to upload a small size image in any job portal or filling the examination forms. The Image Reducer does all the tasks at a very instant speed, thus saving the precious time of its users.

Image Converter

To convert an image from one format to another is now very accessible, straightforward and quick, with an ingenious online Image Converting tool, motorized by the domain of Image Converter a free online tool that converts the format of images very specifically, also assist a user to reduce image size. Along with converting the format of images you can also do other adjustments with the image that are very rarely scoped on other domains. You just have to select the format that you want to convert an image in, and from the Drop down list of Covert To option, after uploading your image through the Browse Button. The uploaded image will be transformed into selected format within seconds and you can save that at your preferred location. The images that are converted using the Image Converter from this platform are JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO, etc. Image Converter comprises of an ample number of features that are used for converting the format of images as well as used to do other image editing functions such as alter image dimensions, reduce image size and much more. Image Converter empowers you to transform your images of different dimensions and sizes. Image Converter does the work with much accuracy and in a very instant time, to meet the requirements and demands of its users. Image Converter makes it their utmost responsibility to convert the layout of your images into other formats without altering the genuine dimensions that include of Image Height and Width, and other parameters. The tool of Image Converter performs its tasks without charging a single penny, as it is a free online tool, that allows the users to convert the format his images in limited time. Besides this Conversion facility, Image Converter offers other features as well, that makes the process of image altering easy and comfortable under a single domain. Apart from Changing the format of Images, Image Converter facilitates its users with changing the dimension and reduce image size. The interface of the Image Converter is user friendly and is developed by using the latest creative technology in place.

PNG To JPG Conversion

PNG To JPG Conversion is one of the remarkable tool that is being used for the image conversion of distinctive formats. There are ample number of image formats available that are most probably used for accumulating graphical data of the images, and countless number of domains are available on the internet that convert these files into other formats or layout. PNG to JPG Conversion is also one of the tool that is electrified by and the best essence of PNG To JPG Conversion portal is that it maintains the original standard of the images and there is no loss of image properties while converting the images. You can convert the images from one layout to another, the formats that you convert are from JPG to PNG, GIF to BMP, ICO to PNG, JPG to ICO, and many more other distinctive formats. The outstanding thing about the PNG To JPG Conversion is that it is very instant and doesn't compromise on the contrast, size, and domain of the image, unless you want it to. Apart from converting the format of the images, PNG To JPG Conversion also assists to reduce image size size and resolution as well. Optimization of PNG To JPG Conversion of images is beneficial for websites, email usage, as well as for storing the best images into your storage devices. The creative tool of PNG To JPG Conversion is developed and offered by PNG To JPG Conversion is one of the best tool used to perform the conversion and reduce image size. The online tool of PNG To JPG Conversion is also used to make other formats as well like from PNG to BMP, ICO to JPG, GIF to PNG, and many more other formats. Apart from changing the format of Images PNG To JPG Conversion is also used to Compress the size of Images in terms of Image Height and Width as well as is used to reduce image size.